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What makes Timeless Entertainment Different?

Alexa Rosen
Great DJ for our wedding!! Super responsive, patient, and understanding (he knows his trade). We had some pretty specific requests and he executed all of them flawlessly; he was professional, the playlist was great, and his energy was contagious 🙂 I would definitely recommend Timeless Entertainment.
Sheylin Savers
Wanted to give a huge shoutout to this DJ. We were coming from out of town and he totally rocked it. He was so easy to work with and kept the crowd going. Thank you so much for making the wedding reception memorable and a blast!
Paighton Moffit
Timelss Entertainment was awesome!! Everything was perfect for my wedding. DJ-JD was a great dj & emcee. Dance party was a blast! Highly recommend him
Tina Rivera
We hired Timeless Entertainment for our sons recent wedding. What an awesome experience it was. The DJ was on time, played a variety of great music and had a warm and friendly rapport. We would definitely hire him again and refer him to our friends and family.
Stacey Anderson
JD DJ'd my wedding and made it the best night ever! His ability to get the crowd hyped up was amazing. I thought hiring a DJ just meant them worrying about selecting the playlist, but not only did he ask us what songs we would like to hear and not hear, he was able to mix the songs and make them very upbeat and easy to dance to. He also directed the guests by announcing when we were doing certain activities such as cutting the cake and our first dance. He honestly made the day so memorable and the dancing was the best part! Thanks so much JD!!
Nick Sorenson
Timeless Entertainment seriously did an amazing job at our wedding reception! I was amazed at how lively and excited everyone became as soon as JD started his DJing. I would definitely recommend his services to everyone and anyone who is looking for a insanely awesome DJ or just looking to have an awesome event with some great music and mixes!

7 Things That Will Make (Or Break) Your Wedding Reception

It’s time to plan your wedding reception and you are starting to realize exactly how much work this is going to be. Even worse, you realize that you have no idea if you have even thought of everything. In our free guide, “The 7 Things That Will Make (or Break) Your Wedding Reception“, we’ll make sure you know everything you need to know in order to have the wedding reception you’ve always dreamed of having.

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Who We Are At Timeless Entertainment

At Timeless Entertainment, we know you want your wedding reception to be fun and memorable for everyone. In order to do that you need to find a DJ that can handle the entertainment from start to finish. The problem is, you’re not sure how to find someone who is reliable and also won’t blow up your budget and that makes you feel like you are just going to have to settle for someone boring and unoriginal. We understand what it’s like to have a lousy DJ at your wedding reception. It ruins the experience for everyone.